Working outside of the office is nothing new.

In fact, your sales team has probably been working from the road for quite a while. However, what has changed is the way that we remotely work. Technology has made it possible for us to work from just about anywhere with an Internet connection.

The number of offsite workers has been growing. A recent Gallup study found that 43% of Americans spend at least some of their time working away from the office. While remote work is growing, there are challenges that go along with it. Technology can keep us connected from anywhere, but being away from your physical desk can make collaborating with colleagues more difficult.

Luckily there’s a productivity solution that will promote collaboration when you’re away from your desk.

Collaborative virtual meeting on a laptop computer

Connecting Employees with Unified Communications.

A unified communications solution integrates various synchronous and asynchronous business communication tools and applications. These tools can be used alone or in tandem within a single, comprehensive application.

A typical solution consists of integrating all of your communication platforms and devices into a single system. This includes IP telephony functionality along with tools like text, email and instant messaging, interactive digital whiteboarding, online audio and video conferencing, and other collaborative functions.

A unified system takes these formerly independent resources and facilitates both real-time and on-demand communication from any device the user chooses – whether it’s their desktop in the office, or their smartphone from a remote job site.

By integrating all of your communication platforms into a single, unified communications system, users can communicate, collaborate, and securely share files over a variety of channels and devices including laptops, desktop computers, phones, and tablets all using the same intuitive interface.

Imagine the productivity gains your team will experience when they have quick and easy access to emails, faxes, voicemail, instant messages and other communications through a single centralized inbox. Sharing documents and switching between applications is fast, easy and secure, and you’ll never miss another call or message. With a unified communications solution, you’ll connect all of your previously independent tools, and your team will enjoy better communication and improved collaboration.

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